Monday, June 1, 2009

Fun With the Weaver's, Part 1

We made it to the Seattle airport at about 5:30 pm on Tuesday, May 19. Johanna and Annie were there to greet us. We drove the 45 minutes to Puyallup and spent the evening catching up, with Tim and Noah too. Annie is 7 and Noah is soon to be 4. Annie just loved Gage! It was so sweet to see her interact with him.

On Wednesday we checked out the Puyallup mall and later had dinner at The Spaghetti Factory in downtown Tacoma. I enjoyed my spaghetti and Gage enjoyed drooling over my ice cream! I was holding him and didn't realize he was doing it until he was leaning so far over it was hard not to notice! Poor guy has a little while to go before he gets any.

On Thursday Craig watched Gage while Jo and I went out to lunch. Annie was at school and Noah at preschool. We went to a very delightful coffee and gourmet sandwich place that had a beautiful view of Mt. Rainier. It was so great to be able to catch up with Jo for a few uninterrupted hours!

That night Craig was a very lucky guy...he got to go to a Seattle Mariners game with Tim! It is such a joy for him to see a professional sporting event since he lives in Iowa! The Mariners lost but they still had fun, probably because they had some awesome chili cheese dogs at the game! :)

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