Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To Blanket or Not to Blanket...

...that is the question!

I have been a believer in having nothing in the crib since we stopped swaddling Gage. But lately I have found that Gage likes to snuggle up with a blanket while he sleeps, and he even sleeps longer when he has one to snuggle. I have been letting him have one during naps where I can check on him, but just started putting one in with him at nighttime too...I know he loves it but I can't help but worry about the what-ifs.

Oh what to do! I really don't think he would smother in a blanket at this point since he is very good at turning, rolling and using his hands. But I know freak things can always happen. So do I put him in the crib by himself, alone and miserable, making it more difficult to soothe himself to or back to sleep, or do I give him a blanket to snuggle and he's happy but I'm worried?

Just look at this:

How can I deny him such a comfort??

I am sure this is a divided topic, but please let me know your thoughts!


Dvorak Family said...

When did you stop swaddling Gage? I tried to stop with Lincoln this week and he's been sleeping horrible now. He obviously wasn't ready for it. Natalie was no big deal to stop, so I was really surprised. I fear having to keep swaddling him for several months, so I really want to break it before it becomes too late!
I think the blanket is fine. I never put anything in the crib until like 10 months, but I remember my doctor telling us around Natalie's 6 month check that she could have a blankie or doll and since Gage is almost to 6 months, I wouldn't see a problem with it. Now Natalie has two dolls, a blanket, and a stuffed Curious George. One night we forgot one of the dolls and she flipped out until we brought it up. My nieces always had blankies too, and I know they had them early. Natalie really never took to a blankie, but loves her animals and dolls.

Iowa Birdie said...

Hi Heidi! How fun to find your blog. Your little punkin' is sure a cutie. Congratulations.

Yes, this is a touchy topic and I am learning better to keep my thoughts to myself regarding controversial issues. Each parent must choose what works for them.

Since you asked I will tell you that Bethany is almost two and is still in her crib. We are hoping to transition her out as soon as we purchase her big girl furniture this summer. We have been advised not to use a blanket and we still don't. I am a serious rule follower and I just haven't wanted to risk ANYTHING. It wouldn't be worth it if something should happen. We swaddled Bethany until about 7ish months and then we used a sleep sack until around 10-12 months when she started getting really bogged up in it with rolling over and such. They have nice cotton sacks at Babies R Us. After we transitioned her out of the sleep sack, we used a soft snuggly rabbit as a comfort for her in her bed. She still ADORES that bunny and calls it her "snuggy". I love it! We plan on keeping the blanket out of the crib indefinitely and will wait until she is in her big girl bed. I wish you the best as you work through this tough decision and the many more to come. Parenting is tough but the Lord is so generous and kind and His grace is what gets us through. Amen?! Take care, Heidi!

Partyhouse 4 God said...

Hey Heidi,
Every child is different along with what the parents do at the time. Having 4 kids, Rem had 1 blanket at the age of 6 months, Chas had stuffed animals at close to a year - she would snag one on her way to bed and scream if she didn't have one. To this day she sleeps with a bed full of animals. Hope was swaddled for 6 months until she could undo the swaddling and we had 1 blanket with her. Now I can't see the bottom of her crib (she will have a bed at the end of this month) because of all her blankets that she finds, snags and hides. Preston doesn't have a blanket, but he sleeps in a snuggly, which is a warm sleeveless PJ that is huge so he can kick and squirm with his legs and still be covered since it zips up. I have a mobile of sorts that hang over his bed so he has something to play with until he falls asleep. If that is in the wash, I let him have a small blanket that he got from the hospital- nothing heavy.
I know this wasn't what you wanted to hear, but as another person commented, it is a touchy situation to advise on, so I can only tell you what we have done for each kid and then you can make that decision. I would be ok with Preston having a full blanket since he can roll, but he likes his snuggly, so we will keep using that until something else needs to work. Good Luck!

Heidi said...

Thank you friends! It is good to know what other people are doing, so it was very helpful to hear all of your input!