Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Irish Twins

Not long ago I heard the term "Irish twins": two babies born to the same family within one year's time. I am sure I've heard it before but this time it takes on new meaning for me... Gage's Irish twin is on the way! (If you read all the way to the bottom of my "5 Years" post you already know...good for you for sticking with my long posts!:)

It truly is a blessing and a miracle! It took over a year and half of trying to get pregnant to finally be blessed with our little Gage. This time it took less than 3 months of not trying to get pregnant with Baby #2!

This is how Daddy found out...a picture of Gage revealing the test results:

We have kept our news under wraps for awhile, but now at 13 weeks we are telling the world! I have to admit, I have been so shocked and overwhelmed that I haven't allowed myself to feel the joy that should come with pregnancy. But over the past few weeks God has shown me that this is His gift to us, and how blessed we are to receive it. I am thrilled for Gage to be a big brother soon!

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