Friday, August 20, 2010

The Simpler Things

Who knew one could appreciate something as simple as carpet?! After the recent flooding I'm sure many people would agree. Thankfully we didn't have any damages to fix, we just wanted to make what we already had better.

One of the first things we decided to renovate in our new house was the floor in the family room. It was hardwood. We wanted carpet. I know, *gasp*! Covering up hardwood floors?! Many of the "older people" in our lives have shuddered at the thought, but we knew right away that having kids means a lot of time spent on the floor for everyone so we couldn't wait to make it a soft, cozy place.


Notice the wall color change as can you not! There is still work to be done to the fireplace, draperies, tv stand, etc. but one thing at a time right?! (Instead of "Where's Waldo", "Where's the cute little naked munchkin???")

Gage is looking on from the kitchen. That wood floor is staying put!

Running through the newly carpeted room and enjoying the way it feels on the feet!

Aww, so soft!

See what I mean? There is lots of future fun to be had on the floor!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

8 Months Old!

Dear Eli,

Happy 8 months old sweet boy! And look who can sit on his own!

We are so proud of you! You also have two full teeth on the bottom and 4 partial teeth coming in on top!

We have discovered that the mosquitoes love you almost as much as we do. You attract those little pesky bites much more than any of us do so we are avoiding the backyard for awhile. This summer has been terrible with mosquitoes galore, and then the recent flood doesn't help! Yes, our town flooded last week, but our home was okay. There were many road closings and the water was contaminated so we had to buy a bunch and give you special baths!

Some funny things you are doing include screaming and making growling sounds, especially in your high chair. When you get my attention you just smile and giggle. This isn't very new, you've been doing it for awhile now, but I finally caught it on camera! You prefer to sleep with your blankie covering your face.

I used to pull it down when you were younger but you'd always lift it back up over your head. I am just glad it has holes in it. :) I like that you have a special blankie that you love, like your brother. I think it makes going to bed a lot more enjoyable for you!

Speaking of bedtime, you are usually ready by 6 pm! So we usually put you to bed around 6:30ish and you sleep until 6:30 am! Sometimes even 7! You have been doing that without a peep for the past month now. Oh how we love you! :) You take two naps from about 8:30-10:30 am and 1-3 pm. You really do well when you get enough sleep!

You love to watch big brother Gage, and seem to be much happier when he is nearby. Or when Mommy is nearby. Right now you do not like to be left alone in a room for very long, unless it's in your crib. And that's okay by me, buddy. You are my bright shining little doodlebug, and I love you so! Our prayer for you is that you will grow up confident and secure in who God made in you, which is someone pretty special.

Loving you always,

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Food Processor is My New Best Friend!

Ever since Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook "Deceptively Delicious" came out I wanted to get it. The concept behind it is cooking vegetables into your dishes, basically hiding them, so your kids don't know they're there but are still getting the nutrition. I thought it would be great for just Craig and I but I just never got around to buying it...until now, now that I have a picky eater who does not like to eat his vegetables most days.

Let me tell you, this cookbook has changed my life! I absolutely love it. The recipes are great, but the whole concept is something I will be doing forever now. In the book Jessica writes about her long-standing Sunday night date with her husband Jerry, in the kitchen, while she purees her veggies for the week. This past Sunday night I did the same, without the date (maybe someday I'll get my hubby to join me...). I steamed, roasted, and pureed. I loved it. It was so wonderful to be able to set the oven to 400, put in some sweet potatoes and squash and forget about them while I peeled and steamed carrots. When everything was ready I pureed each vegetable in my food processor and divided them up by 1 cup increments into freezer bags. SO simple!

The best part has been being able to pull a baggie out of the freezer for meals or baby food for Eli throughout the week. I have learned that I can add some pureed vegetables to anything! Last night I made Gage a grilled cheese-butternut squash sandwich that he loved. Today for lunch I added carrot puree to some pasta sauce to put over his favorite mini-wheels pasta. He wanted seconds!

Don't miss this important point: I STILL PUT VEGETABLES ON HIS PLATE. I won't always be there to cook them into his meals so he needs to learn to eat them and hopefully like them someday.

Oh what peace of mind a mom can have knowing that your children are getting their vegetables even when they don't think they like them!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Splashin' Around

I love it when Craig's home on the weekends and we can do fun things like go to the little splash pool! This past Sunday afternoon we enjoyed a little splashin' around.

And the view.