Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun with the Weaver's, Part 2

Yay! I am finally completing the story of our trip!

We returned to the Weaver's on Saturday night after time spent with the Chovil's. It was great to see Tim and Jo, Annie and Noah again! On Sunday we went to church with them and afterward enjoyed Godfather's lunch buffet, per my request! (I just love that place and we no longer have one in Ames!) After lunch we went to the Tacoma Zoo. It had such a beautiful view from the entrance! We saw a fun bird show and then had about an hour and a half to see the rest before they closed.

On Monday, Memorial Day, we drove onto a ferry and enjoyed the half hour ride to Seattle. We, or I should say Craig and Tim, cleverly worked out a plan to experience the ferry and be most cost-effective at the same time.

We were all ready for lunch by the time we docked so that was first on the agenda. Craig and I love seafood so everytime we go to a coast we take advantage of it. Well, the waterfront restaurant we ate at offered a "shrimp feast" that Craig and I thought we were sharing. We had clam chowder, clams, mussels, salad and lots of varieties of shrimp. We couldn't get over how much food it was and thought we were smart for sharing. We were really getting our money's worth! Then the bill arrived and our bubbles burst...we were each charged for the feast resulting in about a $70 lunch! Yikes! We were ready to yell at the waiter, "We told you we were sharing!" (not really) and looked at the menu again. There we saw in big, bold wording what we missed the first time...each person was charged the listed price, so basically no sharing! Oh well, we got our delicious seafood and enjoyed it immensely!

After lunch we went back to Pike Place Market. If you've ever been there you know that there is a lot to see so we could easily go twice in a week!

We enjoyed the famous doughnuts and bought some souvenirs.

After that we walked to the monorail which took us to Seattle Center, where we could see the Space Needle and lots of other fun stuff! The monorail ride itself was fun! Tim and Jo's bunch took Gage while Craig and I went up the Space Needle. It felt so strange to be without him.
We enjoyed the view, then caught up with the Weaver's at the Children's Museum. By the time we took the monorail back we were ready to drive home.

Over the next two days we introduced Tim and Jo to Redbox, Jo and I enjoyed another lunch just the two of us, and we went to Northwest Trek, a wildlife park. We rode a tram through trails where we saw moose, elk, deer, etc. Then we walked around and saw more animals such as wolves, porcupines, eagles, etc. It was such a beautiful place and such a beautiful day for it!

Thursday morning came all too soon. When Annie said goodbye to Gage and me before leaving for school, a big lump formed in my throat. I couldn't help but think the next time we could spend time together like that again she and Gage would both be so much bigger! I couldn't hold it together when it was time to say goodbye to Jo at the airport. Thank goodness she is coming back to Iowa in a few weeks and I get to see her again!

We had such a wonderful trip. I am thankful to Craig for so selflessly arranging it. He said all along that the most important purpose of the trip was to spend time with Jo. I told him the first night that I got the best of both worlds...time with Jo and time with him!

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