Thursday, June 18, 2009

Presents? I Have Presents?!

Craig's 29th birthday came and went with no eating out... but there were presents...

Craig informed me last week that he would be flying to New York for a day business trip the following Wednesday. I immediately said, "On your birthday?" And he said, "That's my birthday?" Leave it to a guy to not pay attention weeks in advance to when his birthday would be!

So off Craig went at 5:00am on his birthday to catch his flight. I did manage to sneak a birthday card from me and one from Gage onto his front seat. Other than that, he did receive a few happy birthday emails and phone calls throughout the day. When he returned home at 10:30 that night he was welcomed with our teething baby's crying from his crib. (I was thinking, perfect timing! :)

After the birthday boy was ready for bed we talked about his day. I finally asked, "So when would you like to open your presents?" "Presents? I have presents?!" It was about 11:00pm and I was thinking it would be sometime in the future, but oh no, he went and got them from the table where I had them waiting and brought them in the bedroom. I said, "Wait! I need to take some pictures!" But there would be no picture taking this birthday. At least he liked his presents! (a Dave Mathews Band cd, "Horton Hears a Who" movie, a Moorman Clothiers gift card and an Iowa State pull-over jacket, for all those who are curious! :)

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