Monday, July 11, 2011

We've Arrived!

We are now Chicagoians...or something like that!

We have been here 2 weeks and a day. In that time we have had 7 visitors! Gma & Gpa Engelbrecht for 2 nights when they returned our precious children, my mom, Holly, Craig & Will over the 4th, and Craig's friend and previous business partner, Dwight as he is here "on business" today :). Our friends, the Gibson's, are next!

We are still figuring things out and learning our way around. Thanks to our wonderful neighbors who are helping us a ton!!! Can I just say that we have never had such a large collection of as wonderful neighbors as we do here! I love living on a cul-de-sac! It really brings the neighbors together. Someone is always outside to talk to! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. There are all ages of kids...from ours (the youngest) to 4-6-8-10-13-15-16 and college-age! It is awesome!

The boxes have gotten unpacked, now what is left is finding a place for all the what-do-I-do-with-this? stuff!! The not-so-fun work. I am at the point I always get to after moving in somewhere...I'd much rather be doing something else!

The boys are adjusting well! Gage says he likes his new house, and he loves all the neighbors! Sometimes he'll talk about something we did "at home" and it breaks my heart a little. But I know he will talk about this new house as his home one day soon. He is sleeping much better so that tells me he feels safe and comfortable here. Eli loves all the new see-through doors we have, he loves opening and shutting them!

We tried out a new church yesterday and will keep looking and trying. Hopefully we will find a good fit soon. I am anxious to meet some other stay-at-home moms and have some play dates!! I will post some pictures as soon as I find the camera cord... :)

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Laura said...

What a blessing to have great neighbors--it makes all the difference in the world! So glad you are getting settled and can't wait to see pictures of your family in your new home. Blessings to you!