Saturday, July 23, 2011

What a Day!

So many things to say, what should I post first?! Let's see, how about this...
Our doorbell rang at 4:45 this morning. It was Bill, our next door neighbor, coming to see how we were doing and if we even knew about this:We had heard thunder all night long but did not even think about the possibility of flooding! We went down to the basement and discovered about an inch of water covering the floor. We were actually lucky, Bill's family already had water halfway up to the ceiling in their nicely finished basement! In these early morning hours we also received calls and texts from other neighbors wondering how we were doing, as well as various men showing up to help. Our house and the Johnson's next door were the hardest hit.

I have never been in this bad of a water situation before and felt a little panicky. I asked Craig if we needed to evacuate! I love this photo! The boys were so fascinated by all the water. They really wanted to go outside and "jump in the muddles" as Gage said!

All morning it continued to rain and we were worried about the basement! Craig sandbagged around the window well, but other than that it was just a matter of waiting and watching. By late morning the water finally started to recede! The peak of water in our basement was 8 in. Unfortunately all the flooring was damaged and the walls will also need to be replaced, but we were able to salvage the furniture thank goodness.

By early afternoon the water had receded quite a bit. You can see our sidewalk again! The neighborhood kids had a great time frolicking in that murky water!

After the boys woke up from their naps we went outside to check things out! What a remarkable difference! We spotted some visitors in the field behind our property... Our day was not quite what we expected, but it was a fascinating one at that. We marvel at the awesome wonder of God's design in nature, and the blessed hearts of the neighbors that surround us! What a beautiful picture of community we saw firsthand today. So thankful.

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Holly said...

OH MY WORD!!!!!! This is just unbelievable! How thankful I am that you are surrounded by such wonderful neighbors.