Friday, July 15, 2011


My little Eli is growing and changing so much - I realized that I haven't kept a good record of his changes!

He will be 19 months old on Saturday! I am enjoying him so much lately, more than ever. He is doing such "little boy" this:

He just recently started taking an interest in driving cars and trucks. Now he lays down next to his trucks while he drives them along! So cute!

He is saying things like: "Dada, where ahhh you?" and "Hold you!" with his arms reaching up to me.

He answers a lot of questions with "uh-huh". And he loves to say "Hi!" to everyone in the grocery store, or wherever we are!

Anything round is an "apple". For a long time everything flying in the sky was "elicopter" but now he does say "airplane" since we see them so frequently now.

His favorite book is "Old MacDonald"... I wonder if maybe it's because I sing "Eli-Eli-Oh"...

I found some fun Mickey Mouse videos online and Eli absolutely loves them! He often points to the computer and says "mouse!"

And now I leave you with a little video, where you can see our Eli getting very excited about a Mickey Mouse DVD that we were watching. I can't even get a word in! See if you can pick out some words here and there...:) And I must add that we do dress him, occasionally...ha!


Angie said...

Oh, I wish this computer had audio so I could hear what Eli was saying. I miss you, wishing I could just walk over & chat for awhile.

Heidi said...

Miss you too Ang! Wish you still lived up the street...