Friday, July 29, 2011


My little Gager Goo (a nickname from my sister) is growing up! I realized that one day recently when I looked down at him in my arms and noticed he has arm hair!! And leg hair too?! No more baby arms and legs! I wondered when that happened?!

I also realized that we can understand everything he says now too. No more words or phrases mixed in with gibberish. And boy he is cracking us up with what he is saying! I have to share:

One night, during those long days/nights when Craig was working in Chicago and we were by ourselves in Ames, I was putting the boys to bed and Gage said, "Eli cranky." And I said, "Yeah, and you're a little cranky too bud." And he said, "Yeah, and you cranky too Mama!" Oh it made me laugh so hard! Such a great note to end the day on.

Then one day before we moved we were walking up the stairs side by side and Gage was saying something that I couldn't quite understand. So I asked him to repeat it and he said, "It's a long story Mama, it's a long story."

Whenever I have Eli and Gage both on my lap, or we are sitting together somewhere, Gage always says, "We a happy family!" It melts my heart everytime.

We were eating dinner one night recently and he turned and put his feet on my legs so his legs were stretched out. Then he leaned back and said with a sigh, "I relaxin!"

With everything that he is saying these days it really makes us realize he is paying attention! When I wonder where did he get that, I can usually remember, or catch myself saying, a word or phrase that he has picked up on. What a good reminder to watch what I say and realize what kind of attitude I have!

Our new mailman's name is Bob. I don't really even remember telling Gage that, but the other day when we were driving he saw a mail truck and exclaimed, "There's Bob!" I just went with it and agreed, knowing it probably wasn't our Bob. Then he spotted another mail truck and said, "There's Bob again! There sure are a lot of Bobs out there today." (Now, his speech isn't quite that articulate so you have to imagine it's more like "dare" for "there" which is so much cuter anyway!)

Gage makes me laugh a lot, those are just a few classics that I could remember. So often I think, I need to write that down. It makes me excited to think of Eli talking a lot and making us laugh in a year from now! I will leave you with a comical video that captures both of our boys at their best! Enjoy!

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Holly said...

How hilarious! I love that you post these precious little stories. The video cracked me up! I was thinking how much Eli was reminding me of little you and then you said just that! Such cutie boys!! :)