Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Party Highlights

While I am twiddling my thumbs today while the packers are packing (I know, must be rough!) I thought I'd do a little blog updating...

Here are some more highlights from our Going Away Party on Saturday:

Craig's Great Aunt Karen came to visit and was a big help with the boys at the party. Gage "claimed" the balloons that were out in honor of Craig's birthday the day before. Here is dear Aunt Karen taking good care of them for Gage while he is playing.

Our awesome Realtor, Mark Charter, with ReMAx. He has been our guy for a long time now! (Did I mention that our house sold in less than 2 weeks??!!) His wife Katie is so cute! I was not good at getting my camera out soon enough and unfortunately did not catch everyone, but here are many great friends that we love and will miss!

The Dvorak's
The Hill's
The Kincaid's
The Bartlett's
Angie Mowery and Mary Warren (Not sure if they know each other, but both were husbandless!)The Gibson's Mr. Gage enjoying a little ice cream treat!

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Shantel said...

Oh goodness, your posts made me miss Ames so much! I totally understand the way you're feeling - a part of you is excited about moving to a new place with all the adventures and possibilities it brings, yet at the same time not wanting to leave all the people you love so much! We miss Cornerstone a LOT, but are sure God has us where we are for a purpose. I'll be praying that you guys get plugged in quickly and make some great friends in your new community!