Thursday, January 7, 2010

Party Time!

Well I am definitely learning that there is not a lot more to life right now than feedings, changing diapers, and keeping up with the laundry! So unfortunately my blog is way down there on the priority list. But please stay with me - I will do my best to keep my many "readers" up-to-date on our lives! :)

Celebrating Gage's 1 year birthday was a very special event for me! I have been really sentimental about him turning one. I think it's a big milestone! A lot happens in the first year that will stay with him forever...growing teeth, hair, and sense of humor! Learning important words like "mama" and eating real foods. Sitting up, standing up, and almost walking. Our sweet boy has accomplished a lot in the past year and I was excited to celebrate him!

A few days before the big party (yes, quite last minute, but I did just have a baby...:) I created a scrapbook of Gage's monthly photos as well as other significant events over the year, while Craig created a slideshow of all of my favorite photos from birth till now. It was fun watching the slideshow with everyone and having all of our guests write a message to Gage in his book. I cherish what everyone wrote and hope he will too someday.

He enjoyed opening his presents, and I enjoyed putting everyone to work unleashing the toys from their tight holds in their boxes...

His first piece of cake, which he ate like a pro! You'd think we've been feeding him cake for months now! But I am not surprised that he has a sweet tooth like his mama.

To have Craig's family, and mine, together in our small house, was a treat. I was thrilled to see that everyone fit just fine!

All the Engelbrecht cousins (and their dads):

Eli was conked out the whole time! He spent the afternoon snuggled in many loving arms. Great Grandpa Faust had his turn too.

Our Birthday Boy on his actual birthday on Monday:

We had Casey's pizza for dinner, a very small piece of birthday cake for dessert, and just a few more presents to open. Whew, lots of celebrating...because this one year old is pretty special!


Holly said...

I couldn't agree more!! Awesome pics Heid!

Elizabeth said...

Love the cake on the face pics! What cute little boys you have.