Monday, January 4, 2010

A Love Letter

Dear Gage,

One year ago today you came into this world at 10:41am. But your story actually begins nine months before on a Thursday...May 8, 2008... when you began as a twinkle in my eye.

I will never forget, it was a sunny spring morning when I found out that you were growing in my tummy. After many, many months of hopefully waiting, this was the day. The day I found out that YOU were coming! I fell to my knees next to my bed and with tears of great happiness and joy I praised the Lord. I couldn't wait to tell Daddy, and the whole world!

Daddy and I spent the next nine months anxiously awaiting your arrival. The time couldn't pass fast enough! Finally on a wintry Saturday, January 3, you made yourself known that you were ready to come. We got to meet you 18 hours later, our sweet, precious baby boy, on January 4, 2009.

And now, one year later, you aren't my little baby anymore, but my delightful, energetic, funny, adorable little boy who brings me, and everyone who knows you, such joy.

I have to admit I am a little sad to see you grow up. I don't want you to outgrow your precious innocence. Or the hugs, kisses and snuggles you give. Or the awe you have in discovering new things. But I know I have to let you go. The minute I first held you close was the very start of letting you go. Letting you be you, letting you learn from your mistakes, letting you grow into who God wants you to be.

The next time I write you a birthday letter you will be 2 years old! I look forward to what this next year has in store. I love watching you be a big brother to Eli! You are so sweet, already giving him love pats and pacifiers. He is lucky to have you!

My prayer for you sweet Gage, is said best from these words in a great song...
"Be strong in the Lord, never give up hope. You're going to do great things, I already know.
God's got his Hand on you, so don't live life in fear. Forgive and forget, but don't forget why you're here..."

You will always be my first miracle, my precious Gage. I will always be holding you close as I let you go...and I will always be loving you,
Your proud Mommy

Look at that curl! LOVE it!


Sara said...

What a precious letter Heidi!! I hope things are going well. Happy Birthday Gage(a day late)!!! Love the curly hair.

Jenny said...

Totally tearing up over here... you have a way with words and write the sweetest letters to your boys. They will treasure them someday I am sure. Hope Gage had a great birthday!

Heidi said...

Thanks Sara and Jenny! I usually have some tears as I write the letters! I am so sentimental...I will miss writing to Gage each month, but now I have Eli to write to! :)