Saturday, January 23, 2010

Looking Back

I know I should be sleeping right now (it's almost midnight!), but I have been enjoying reading my blog posts from one year ago when Gage was born! I am learning so many things...

1. I used to get more comments --what happened?! :)
2. Eli and Gage look a lot alike!
3. Gage was a slightly difficult newborn too! You so quickly forget those things, as I have jokingly been telling people: it's a good thing so a person will have more children! I forgot that Gage was a catnapper and woke up when laid down too! Eli is a pretty good napper during the day, it's just nighttime that we're working on.
4. Boy I was good at recording the details! Maybe too good...some posts were like books!
5. Gage was smiling a lot more than Eli is at this age... I can't help but compare.
6. I was so lucky back then, being able to go and do so much more, sleep-in in the mornings...
7. But...although my hands are fuller now, so is my heart.


Elizabeth said...

Even though I tried so hard not to, I can relate to what you said about making comparisons in the early days. I think that's pretty natural. Now, that my second one is older though and her little own unique personality is shining through, I'm soooo thankful for their differences. It's so exciting to see how they are different. One is better at phsycial stuff. The other sits longer and likes books. One likes peas. The other hates peas. Oh . . . it's so cool how they are different - yet from the same parents. I love reading your reflections. Makes me wish I had a blog like that to look back on and remember.

Jenny said...

I might not comment, but I am always reading. :) Love your blog, you have such a way with words. :)

Heidi said...

Love your comments Liz and Jenny! Thanks! :) I am one to talk...I am mainly just a reader these days and not a commenter! Liz - good to hear about the comparison thing...Gage was such a sweet and smiley baby it's hard not to wish Eli was that way too! But I do think they will probably be better "friends" if they aren't too much alike.