Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy One Month Birthday Eli!

Dear Eli,

Could it be are one month old already?! It seems like just yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital. And you are growing quickly!

You have spent much of the past month in Daddy's and my arms! You love to be held. You cry when we put you down, but are very content when we don't.

Here is what else we have learned about you:

~ You have the sweetest, most kissable cheeks and I kiss them all the time!
~ You like your pacifier best when we run it under water first
~ You get fussy, in the morning especially, just before you are about to fall asleep
~ You like to have your tummy massaged when you are having gas pains
~ You like to have your cheeks and head stroked anytime!

Here is what we still don't know...

The best nighttime sleeping method for you! We have tried lots of things: swaddling you with arms in, arms out, heartbeat sound nearby, in the sleep positioner in the pack 'n play, in the boppy pillow in the pack 'n play, in the boppy pillow on the couch, with Mommy on the couch, with a shirt of Mommy's wrapped around you, on your tummy, on your side... and we still don't know what you like best! Well, yes we do know, and that's in our arms but we can't do that all the time sweet boy! So we are still working on it and praying that God will comfort you through the night so we can all get some sleep! Sometimes we have to just let you cry for awhile until you fall asleep, and it breaks my heart! You get so hot and sweaty and so worked up that you sound like a hissing cat! We hope that by next month you will be more secure on your own. (Please Lord!)

We are seeing you with your eyes open wide lately and I just love it! You have big eyes, and sometimes look just like Gage did as a newborn!

I can't wait to find out just what you will look like later. Will you have blonde hair? Blue eyes? But I do know one thing for have the cutest dimples! And you have even smiled at us already! I was able to catch both this morning:

Sweet Eli, you are a precious addition to our family. I feel even more complete with you here. My prayer for you is that God would grow you healthy and strong, that you would feel comforted and secure enough to sleep through the night, and that you would know how much we love you.

A thought struck me yesterday that brought tears to my eyes...I was made to be your mom. God made me to make you. What an honor and a privilege.

I will be loving you always,

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Elizabeth said...

Such adorable pictures. What a cute little guy, and I imagine it will be quite a gift to him when he reads your words someday.