Tuesday, August 4, 2009

7 Months Old!

Dear Gage,

Today you are 7 months old and I can hardly believe it. You are closer to 1 than 0! I love watching you grow and change...

These are some NEW things you are doing:

- Saying "Dada"! The other morning Daddy and I woke up hearing you say "Dada" from your crib. Such a sweet sound.
- Touching, grabbing, feeling, wanting everything! Nothing gets by you. You are already our little adventurer.
- Making your Mama laugh all the time! Especially at the sounds and faces you make.
- Loving the bathroom! You get so excited to go in there and love touching the towels and shower curtain. Today you even turned on the water faucet for the first time and it startled you so much it made Mommy laugh, and wish we had a video of it to send in to AFV!
- Scootching on all fours! You're not crawling yet but you can get around pretty well by rolling and scootching backward.
- Laughing so easily, by just a funny face, or someone else laughing. You are also making such a funny sound that comes from the back of your throat when you are happy. It makes Mama laugh, then you, and so the cycle continues!
- Touching and patting our arms as we feed you your bottle, or when you are in our lap. You like to reach out and touch faces too.
- Watching the digital photos that are our screen saver on the computer. Everytime you see a picture of Mommy and Daddy you get very happy and excited.

Some of your favorite things:

- Toes! You are fascinated by toes, especially painted toenails.
- Sucking on your car seat strap, stroller strap, Mommy's purse strap...most any strap!
- Your soft yellow blankie that helps you sleep through the night.
- Watching Mommy and Daddy play Cribbage and reaching for the cards, so hopeful...
-Still SteveSongs "Marvelous Day" cd. It is the only one you light up to and smile for when it starts. And your "Peek-A-Boo I Love You" book, although you are adding more books to your favorites...like "Baby Giggles","Little Hands Love" and other "Peek-a-Boo" books.

Checking out GrandMary's toes

Playing Cribbage

Things that I love as your Mommy:

- Holding and cuddling you. I love when you lay your head on my shoulder when you are tired.
- Sometimes being the only one you want.
- Watching you play.
- Hearing your sweet, sweet voice.
- Making you smile and laugh.
- Seeing you get so excited when Daddy gets home.

Sweet Gage, I love being your Mommy! It is my favorite job in the whole world. There are many things I pray for, but mostly I pray you grow up knowing how much I love you, and knowing that it isn't even a fraction of how much God loves you. That is pretty amazing because I love you A LOT! :) You will always be my sweet baby boy.

Loving you always,

And now very interested in what else is going on...

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