Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stellan McKinney

I have been holding my baby boy a little tighter these past few days. I was introduced to a precious baby named, Stellan, through his mama's blog. I don't even know his family but feel like I do! Stellan is only 5 months old and he is fighting for his life. I choke up with tears everytime I read his updates, and everytime I think about how lucky I am to have a healthy, thriving (almost) 3 month old baby boy. It is difficult to understand why God would allow a precious, innocent little baby to suffer. But his mom, Jennifer, has a beautiful way of expressing herself and her knowledge that, "God is still here." Please check out her blog and pray with me for baby Stellan.

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The Harner's said...

Isn't their story and their exposure amazing? They are pretty much famous! I've been following for quite some time now. I love them!