Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Little Modest?

Today we took Gage to get his 3 month photos taken. We found a wonderful photographer right here in Ames called Sweet Pea Photography. She works out of her home and is absolutely fabulous! Well our photo shoot didn't start out quite like I had hoped... I was relieved that Gage took a long nap this morning and ate his "lunch" right before we left. He was very happy and smiling...until we got there and started taking his clothes off. It was then that the screaming began. I was reminded that my little boy does not like to be cold (therefore he takes very short baths!). He was cold today or a little modest, but either way he would not have any of the nakedness. I grudgingly let the bare-bottom photos go and dressed him in his cute little sweater again. Thankfully his smile came out eventually and we got some great shots. When we got home I took some very amateur shots and he wouldn't smile for me either!

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