Sunday, April 5, 2009

3 Months Old!

Well another month has gone by and I am beginning to tell Gage that he can stay right here, no more growing! I think 3 months is such a fun age! He is so cute and cuddly and very entertaining. I know it will only get better!

How he has changed...
- I guess he's gotten bigger... And I say "I guess" because since I see him everyday I don't notice it until he's around new newborns and he is SO much bigger! I can't believe that just 3 months ago he was that little and I've forgotten already!

- He is sleeping through the night...if you consider a 6 hour stretch sleeping through the night! Sometimes it's even 7 or 8 - yippee! (If he keeps this up he will be moving downstairs to his crib...bittersweet to me!)

- He is loving the tv! I can't even have it on anymore when I feed him because he gets distracted by it and won't eat! Since I don't want him to watch tv we have quiet days at home with just music playing. It's good for me too!

Here he is twisting around to see the tv:

- He still doesn't like to take baths, but just yesterday he got mostly through one without crying. That is a first!

- Gage has really become a very content baby! He can hang out in the bouncy seat or on a blanket on the floor for a long time now. He basically only cries when he is tired, or if he is in his car seat carrier too long. What a blessing!

- He can usually fall asleep on his own now. Many times he does need me to come in 5-10 minutes later to give him his paci and rub his head, and then he quickly falls asleep. I still can't bear to let him cry for long!

- He takes longer naps and eats 5 oz. per bottle now!

- He laughs! Craig and I can get him to laugh when we tickle him on his chest and armpits. It is so cute. He also loves to smile and open his mouth with an "ahhh" a lot, especially when he is looking at Daddy!

What I've learned...
- Just how emotional I am when it comes to Gage. I will be talking to anyone about him and about what a privilege it is to be his mom and my eyes well up with tears! Craig laughs at me. :)

- I love him more everyday. I didn't think it was possible, but I can see that as he grows and begins to give me the love back, I am overwhelmed.

- Gage handles transitions much better than I do! He did a good job going to sleep on his own for the first time and going from his bassinet to his pack n play.

- I can read his tired cues and understand his cries now, which is such a great thing! He is becoming somewhat more predictable.

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