Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gage's First Trip to the Windy City

We found out that we can do it! Travel with a baby that is. Craig had business meetings in Chicago on Monday and Tuesday so we decided to make it a mini vacation and Gage and I went along. We stayed at a Mariott in Schaumberg, a suberb of Chicago. The room was a good layout for us because it was L shaped so we could put his pack n play around the corner from the bedroom in the "kitchen". That way we could still watch tv after he went to sleep! When we first got there on Saturday night the little man was quite fussy. I started to wonder what we got ourselves into! I got him ready for bed and he quickly fell asleep. I couldn't believe it! After sleeping most of the 6 hour drive he could actually sleep some more! The four days were pretty low key. This is how Gage spent much of the time in the hotel room:

andand putting up with Mom's "photo shoots".

We had fun eating out at some great places. This was one of the most noticeable differences from our past trips as just the two of us...a tired baby cutting the meals short! But how can you blame that little cutie pie?!

(It looks like he is sleeping here in Dad's arms, but oh no, not the case!)
Our last night there we drove into the city and ate at Ed Debevic's.

We decided to walk down to the Hancock Building from Ed's but on the way I realized Gage was way past his scheduled bottle! I felt horrible, but he didn't seem to mind since he was happy as can be! We spotted a Border's, a great feeding spot!

After that it was getting late so we decided to make the long walk back to the car. It was a little windy (surprise surprise!) but Gage was bundled and he did great! I say when's the next trip?!

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Jenny said...

How wonderful that Gage did so well on your mini-vacation! :) Sounds like a fun time and makes me want to talk my non-city-loving hubby into a trip to Chicago! ;)