Saturday, January 15, 2011

A wrap up of our holidays...finally!

The brothers and their kids! One year ago at Gage's 1st birthday party:

One year later, New Year's 2011 at Gma & Gpa E's:

We have another boy cousin since last year! Bentley was born on Dec. 22. So sweet and tiny!

We had a great time with Craig's family over New Years! Played games on New Year's Eve with Craig's parents and our good friends, Nate & Christina (who moved to the Quad Cities a few years ago).
Played with the uncles and cousins on New Year's Day. You can tell that Chloe had been at this push-Eli-back-and-forth game for awhile now! What a good cousin!

What a great way to celebrate Christmas and the New Year!

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