Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Two Year Old

I think Gage was physically bigger the morning he woke up as a two year old.

Daddy insisted on going back to Hickory Park for Gage's turn. Well remember how last time (just a few weeks ago) when we were there for Eli's birthday, everything seemed to go perfectly? The boys were happy, showing off and flirting with people, smiling for the camera...It just couldn't have gone any better.

Well this time, not so much. It all started with me forgetting the camera! But I did capture a couple with my phone: This one pretty much sums up the evening - ha!

I figured it out later...This time we were in a corner, against a wall, no people to flirt with and get attention from! :)

Gage did like his ice cream! My beautiful boy will always be the one that made me a Mama first. He's got me by the heartstrings.

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