Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Sweet 16 Month Old

Our growing boy continues to awe, amaze, and entertain us!

(Warning: I am claiming my bragging rights and will be filling the following post with amazing details about my amazing 16 month old!)

He is an ever-busy tower builder. The other day I went into the kitchen to find this:

Blocks, tupperware, yogurt and sippy name it, if it stacks he'll build it!

He is such a quick learner! Grandma E taught him how to sign "please" while we were in the Bahamas. It only took him a half of a day to learn it! And the other day Craig taught him to say "Elmo" at dinner (they were looking at his bib). Now everytime he sees Elmo on Sesame Street he says "Melmo!" He also says "caw" for bird (you know - from the sound they make! :), "up", "Mama", "Da", and he will pretty much attempt most words you ask him to say. I love to hear him say "Jesus"!

Something Craig and I have been excitedly waiting for is happening now...he is taking the dirty diapers into the bathroom for us! He doesn't quite open up the diaper pail and put them in yet, but a toss into the bathroom will do!

He runs into the bathroom when we say "bath", he brings me his shoes, and socks too, when I ask him to, he stands at the top of the stairs and shakes the gate when we say "time to go bye-bye" or "time to read books" (which happens before naptime downstairs in the chair in his bedroom). It is so fascinating to watch him understand more and more!

So strong! Look at my little toddler carrying around a 5lb. bag of potatoes!

Can you tell that we are absolutely, positively, out-of-this-world in love with our amazing, precious boy?!


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Next blog will be about Gage's 1st haircut!
He's so CUTE!