Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mother's Day Blessings

Mother's favorite holiday now that I am so blessed to be one! Unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures that day because our camera is on the fritz I think. But I will always remember...

~ the bicycle burley and Craig's big grin waiting for me in the living room after I got out of the shower
~ the cute-as-can-be card I found from "the boys" on the dashboard on the way to church
~ dedicating the boys at our 9:00 church service
~ how emotional I felt before the dedication - so proud to be their mom and so sentimental about dedicating them on Mother's Day
~ how cute they looked in their matching white polos and jeans! And how proud (and relieved) I was of them both for being so good while we were on stage!
~ my sister and Craig and Will coming to the service and celebrating with us
~ taking a walk around the park and pushing Gage on the swing after church
~ eating at my favorite restaurant "Fuji" with Holly, Craig and Will
~ driving to Cedar Falls and having pizza and celebrating with my mom

It was a big day! It was a special day. I am so honored to be called "Mama". I can't help but hurt for those who so badly want to be but aren't. I can only cherish my role, and my boys, as I learn everyday what a blessing it truly is.

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