Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5 Months!

Dear Eli,

You are 5 months old already! In some ways I can't believe it, but in some ways it seems like you've been with us a lot longer! You are just as sweet as can be. Daddy and I think you're so cute and love to make you smile and give you kisses. You smile and open your mouth wide when you see us coming in to plant a big one on you!

Many things have happened in this past month...

~ We've discovered that you really like to hold soft things in your hands. You have two favorite blankets you especially like, or Mom's fingers will do sometimes too.

~ You roll to one side and lift your head up! You don't want to miss a thing so if you're lying on your back you will raise your head and look around.

~ You still sleep so well in the bouncy seat! Your first nap of the day is in your crib (where it usually takes you about 20 minutes to soothe yourself to sleep) but after that a nap or two are in the bouncy seat.

~ You are now only waking once in the night! Usually sometime between 3-4am is your middle-of-the-night bottle, then you sleep until about 7:30am.

~ You are eating cereal! You like it a lot better than your brother did! It's a messy occasion, but you like it!

~ You are a big boy! You are wearing 9 month clothes! Holding you is a good workout for my upper arms. :)

~ On Sunday, May 9th, 2010 Daddy and I dedicated you to the Lord. Because you are a very precious gift from God, we held you and Gage in front of the church and made a promise to honor and obey God, and raise you both in the training and instruction of the Lord! It is called a "Baby Dedication". We hope and pray that you will choose to follow the Lord for yourself when you understand what that means.

My sweet, sweet boy, I am so proud of you! After a rough start to life, you have grown into a happy, sweet, lovable baby boy. Now don't you grow up too fast because I want you to be huggable and kissable, and adoring your mama forever! Or I will enjoy that while I can, and will always encourage you to be YOU, and hope for hugs and kisses from you for a long time to come.

You are so special Eli. I am so proud and blessed to be your Mama.

Loving you always,


Michelle said...

I love these letters that you write. They bring tears to my eyes. I wish I had thought of doing this for my daughter. They are going to love these!

Sara said...

I love your letters to your boys. So very sweet. I am hoping I can do the same for my little one. I can't believe how much the boys look alike. Hope you are doing well.