Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What a week!

It all started with a birthday party where a young mother brought her child who had a fever and cough... a few days later Gage had a fever and a cough which developed into the croup, and a few days after that Eli started to cough which developed into RSV!

I was worried that Eli would catch what Gage had, but never imagined he would end up in the hospital! He didn't have a temperature all week and was basically pretty happy, but I took him in on Friday since he was starting to wheeze. An x-ray of his lungs came back clear, but he tested positive for RSV. Since his oxygen levels were low, our doctor wanted him to be admitted so he could be on oxygen and be monitored closely.

He didn't like the oxygen tube taped to his face at first, but eventually he got used to it.

From the doctor's office I had to walk my baby over to the hospital, and hold him down while he was poked, prodded and taped. It broke my heart and my tears flowed right along with his. I am still emotional just remembering it! It is horrible watching your baby go through all of that. When Gage got so sick last week for the first time I thought that was more than I could handle, but I never imagined it would get even worse so soon!

Eli spent most of his hospital stay in our arms or our bouncy seat we were able to bring from home. We used the crib only for exams and diaper changes.

Thankfully Eli was a trooper. His oxygen levels came back up to normal quickly, and instead of taking a turn for the worse, as many young RSV patients do, he only improved. He was admitted at 5:00pm on Friday and was released at 10:30am on Sunday.

Our sweet babysitter came over on Friday night to stay with Gage while Craig came up to the hospital and brought some necessities for us, then my sister came on Saturday, and Grandma and Grandpa E came on Sunday. We were so blessed to have friends and family there for us!

Dr. Swanson gave Eli a clean bill of health on Tuesday at our check-up!

The biggest lesson I learned from this whole thing is: The next time we show up somewhere and someone is sick there, we are turning right back around and heading home!


Elizabeth said...

So glad that Eli is doing better! Hoping and praying that you can get some rest too. With two sick kids, I'm sure you've gotten very little rest.

Sara said...

OH Heidi! So sorry to hear everything that has been going on with the boys. Glad to hear that they are on the mend. Take care of yourself too!!

Michelle said...

Teri Selbher told me about your blog. It is great! I am so sorry your little ones got sick at the same time. Our daughter Chloe also sees Dr. Swanson. He is a wonderful doctor!!! I love the picture! It's so funny because we took Chloe in for her 6-month check-up last week and we also made Dr. Swanson take a picture. :) Praying for health and rest for your family! ~Michelle Mosby