Monday, March 22, 2010

This sick stuff really stinks!

This is what a long night of coughing and sneezing will do to you:

My poor baby! He is miserable. I had to post a picture today that was more accurate. The last one was taken on Saturday before the "draining" began. I hope he beats this croup to a pulp, and fast! And my second baby is just about to face his fight with it I'm afraid. The cough is already starting...


Elizabeth said...

Ugh! I hope it passes quickly!

Anonymous said...

Go see Kurt VerHelst! He adjusts my kids and they kick their colds faster than if they don't get adjusted. It doesn't even hurt. If you call in the am, most of the time they can get you in right away or sometime that day! Just tell them I sent you and they will work with you on your schedule!