Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3 Months!

Dear Eli,

You did it! You endured the bear chair...with almost a smile! I knew it was just a matter of time, and I had a feeling that the 3 month mark just might be the ticket! Good things have happened since last month. We finally determined that you have a bad case of colic, and in the same month you have shown that you are on your way out of it! For the past 2 weeks you have been more content overall and have been crying for obvious reasons, such as when you are hungry or tired, rather than just crying.

We have really bonded in the past month. It does my heart good to receive all of your smiles and stares! I am the lucky one who gets you to smile the most...Daddy has to admit it too! Instead of cringing when Gage comes around you (since he used to poke at you so much!) you are smiling at him too. He still thinks you're pretty great too.

You are such a big boy! You are already wearing 6 month clothes! Our arms are thankful that you don't need as much walking and bouncing!

We are so thankful that you are growing healthy and strong, and that you are sleeping and eating better! We continue to pray that you feel secure and content, and that you will one day choose to follow Jesus. You are such a sweet boy Eli, you melt my heart everyday!

Loving you always,

Eli, 3 months
Gage, 3 months

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Sara said...

The boys look so much a like at their 3 month pictures. WOW!!! Glad things are getting better for Eli.