Friday, November 6, 2009

33...and counting

I wasn't thrilled about turning 33 this year. It sounds so much older than 32! But I still had a great birthday, and I think I will always enjoy my birthdays even though I don't like the number...

I started out the day with an OB visit. 33 weeks on my 33rd birthday! Great news - first and foremost: the baby/my belly grew 2 cm and the heartbeat sounded wonderful! Also my hemoglobin had been low last time and is now back up to normal, so no additional iron tablets for me! And secondly: I gained 0 lbs. since my last visit! Woohoo! I can't help but rejoice at the way the scale is going this time around. I'll admit it...I gained 43 lbs. last time! So I am very happy that it shouldn't be near that this time.

My sweet hubby stayed home the whole morning for me as a little surprise! We had a McDonald's breakfast when I returned, a favorite of mine! (Between that and lots of birthday cake to come we'll see what the scale says in 2 weeks - ha!) And he had some presents wrapped and waiting for me on the table. (Remember last year when my gift was handed to me in the car? :)

Speaking of last year...what a difference a year makes! I would never have DREAMED that I would be this pregnant AGAIN one year later!

When Gage woke from his nap I got to open one present from adorable card and Michael Buble cd. (We learned a few weeks ago that Gage likes to dance to Michael Buble!) I was so impressed with Craig's effort! A card from Gage (and even one more later) and wrapped presents?! He did good.

I received lots of wonderful birthday wishes through Facebook and email, and visited a dear friend in the afternoon. Then my mom came that night and watched Gage for us while we went out to eat at Red Lobster and walked through Borders. It was so nice to have a date with Craig. I just wish I hadn't been so tired! Between the time change, my on-the-go 10 month old, and being 33 weeks pregnant, I am an early-to-bed girl these days!

Before we left I opened more presents with Gager's help. Later Craig apologized for giving me cooking and cleaning aids for gifts (a Dirt Devil cordless vac and a food processor!) but I couldn't be happier! Anything that makes those two things easier for me is a wonderful gift!

Gage is happy about it too!

So that was my day in a nutshell. My second birthday in a row that will be a "last"... Last year was my last childless birthday, and this year was my last one-child-only birthday! Many times "lasts" are a sad thing, but in this case, they're a GREAT thing!

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