Saturday, November 7, 2009

10 Months Old

Dear Gage,

You turned 10 months old the day after your mama's birthday! We are watching you grow and change very quickly these days.

This is what's been new in the past month:

~You are giving us kisses! They are big and sloppy, and they even come when we ask for them! Oh they make us feel so loved. You even blessed GrandMary with big kisses while she was here this week.

~You are walking behind your walker! That is probably your favorite activity right now. It keeps us busy turning you around everytime you come to a roadblock! We love watching you have so much fun.

~You love music! You have always loved hearing SteveSongs, now you love dancing to him, and all kinds of other music. We first noticed it when Michael Buble was playing on tv.

~You have gotten so good at things like putting the little ball into the right hole in your shapes box, and placing the rings onto the little stick. The rings toy has been one of your favorites for awhile now. Whenever you see it with the rings stacked on it you have to quickly pull them off. Just in the past month you are now putting them back on. I think you are so smart!

~You are a good little grocery shopper with me. Everything I put into the cart must go through your hands first though, and you like to help me hold the bags on the way out. My wallet continues to keep you entertained going through the checkout, and it never fails that we hear the comment, "Well, is he paying today?" For some reason stores like Target and Kohls are not your favorite...hmm, sounds a lot like your daddy!

~You are eating all kinds of finger foods these days! We even ordered your first kids meal at Hickory Park a few weeks ago: a chicken drumstick and mashed potatoes! You love chicken. That is the most consistent favorite. Some days you like carrots, some days not. Some days you like pears, some days not, etc, etc. I really hope you will not be a picky eater!

You love to get messy!

You bring such joy to everyone Gager! Wherever we take you there are smiles and laughter. We are so blessed that we get to experience that joy with you every day! My prayer for you is that you will never lose that joyful spirit, or the desire to share it with others. You will always be our precious boy, our wish come true.

Loving you always,

Just love those big smiles!

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