Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One Last Childless Birthday

November 3, 2008 marks my last birthday without children! I spent it doing all the things I love: making cards, baking, shopping and going for a walk! Then Craig came home and spoiled me! He took me to Olive Garden for dinner, which has been one of my many must-haves lately! We shared bites and talked, it was so sweet. Then he did something that is truly a gift to me - he actually went for a walk (which is not his favorite thing to do) ! We went to Jordan Creek and walked around the water, not only once, but twice! It was such a beautiful night. We reminisced about the night we got engaged, 5 years ago to the day, in Kansas City. That was a very special birthday... It is hard to believe that was 5 years ago! I have found that our relationship gets even sweeter with time. I have never loved my husband more! Back to the birthday...We went into Jordan Creek and browsed through our favorite store - Kirkland's. No purchases were made, but it was fun to look around and imagine. We made it to our final destination, the Cheesecake Factory, for dessert! We shared slices of pumpkin and vanilla bean cheesecake. Mmm... Craig drank coffee and I drank iced tea and life could not have been more perfect. We talked about the baby and what our top name picks are (to be revealed on the big day! 8-) It was such a special time, I will never forget it. Then in the car, like a magician pulling a coin out of your ear, Craig mysteriously produces a cd that I have been wanting. No wrapping or gift bag, but such a cute delivery, it didn't matter! The idea was to listen to it on the way home. But first, a stop at Target because my sweet husband had spent an eternity earlier in the day in the Ames Target looking for the apple-corer-peeler-slicer I have been wanting, only to find out they were all sold out. So maybe the Des Moines Super Target had one! No luck, we left empty handed, but of course it's the thought that counts! Then one more surprise when we got home...a very beautiful card waiting for me on my pillow. My husband may not always plan ahead, or wrap gifts, but he is the sweetest, most romantic husband I could ever ask for! A wonderful birthday, a loving husband, a baby on the way... I am so blessed!

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