Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gobble Gobble...

...was what we did over the Thanksgiving holiday! Look at this spread of desserts alone:

My mom always prepares a feast.

I contributed a broccoli salad, sweet potato casserole and oatmeal pie this year. (Remind me not to offer to make broccoli salad when I am nine months pregnant again...lots of standing and cutting, ouch!)

Gage enjoyed the turkey, and crawling up GrandMary's long set of stairs!

Craig and I were up at 4:30am on Friday and out the door by 4:45! We had some sales to take advantage of! No large purchases this year, just fun ones like a Christmas onesie for Baby E (2) that says "All my Mommy wants for Christmas is a Silent Night!"

On Friday we had a second Thanksgiving feast at my sister's house with my dad.

We were on our way home by Friday afternoon with a tired little guy and the satisfaction of good food, and GREAT family time together! I have so much to be thankful for.

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