Monday, March 16, 2009

One Last Shower

On Saturday Gage and I travelled to Cedar Falls for our last shower. My mom and sister wanted to give me a shower after the baby was born so it was scheduled for March 14th. It was a wonderful time to get together with people I rarely see! (The picture above is the only photo I took with my camera! Gage is with my cousin's daughter, Hannah. She is about the most adorable 6 year old there is!) Gage was absolutely the sweetest baby ever! It was his naptime just as people started to arrive and I could tell he was getting tired. He fell asleep on me and had a little catnap since it was impossible to stay asleep when so many people wanted to see and hold him! But he was a little trooper! Finally he slept in Aunt Josie's arms while I opened presents. Wow we were spoiled!! So many wonderful gifts: adorable outfits, books, stuffed animals, diapers, toys, picture frames, and even embroidered burp cloths and towels!! And that's just to name a few. No games but everyone worked on a scrapbook page for a mini album for us. It turned out just darling. What a great day! I am so thankful for my mom and sis, and such wonderful family and friends!

Aunt Holly is painting his feet for his footprints to go in the mini scrapbook!

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Jenny said...

The mini scrapbook is such a great idea!