Friday, March 20, 2009

Minivans and a Free Meal

Today was a great day! Craig took the day off so we could go minivan shopping! Yes, that's right...we are soon to be the owners of a minivan! Now being parents and all we have to fit the stereotype. 8-) We looked at several vans and even test drove one. Of course the salesman put the pressure on thick and told us there was another person interested in the same one we were test driving and so if we don't act now it would be gone very quickly. We said that we don't want to be hasty and if it goes to someone else then we weren't meant to have it. Well no more than 2 minutes after getting back and looking briefly at another van, there was a SOLD sign in the window! I couldn't believe it! But we were still glad we didn't do something we might have regretted!

Part of our purpose in going to Des Moines was to also eat at the Cheesecake Factory, a very special treat for us! The last time we were there was on my birthday with a little one inside me. This time we had a little one join us! And he was awesome! All day, in fact, he was so good. He mostly slept. Once again Craig and I had a great time talking things over while at the Cheesecake Factory! Soon something exciting happened...I was eating a delicious chicken entree and halfway through I look down and nestled in the chicken was a piece of...something...I wasn't sure what! It was white and paper-like, definitely not edible. We notified our waitress and soon the manager came over with apologies and the news that the meal would be on them tonight! A new entree came out that we ended up taking home with us. Since it wasn't a band-aid or anything I wasn't too grossed out! It was one of those experiences to be grateful for to get the free meal!

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Holly said...

First of all, GOOD FOR YOU to not be pressured about the van!! That is never a time to jump on something. You made a wise decision. Also, before we bought our van, Craig asked to borrow it from the lot for a few hours. That gave him time to get it checked over by a trusted mechanic (so we would know whether it was a good choice or not) and time for me to test drive it for awhile without the pressure of a salesman in the backseat.
EWWWWWWW GROSSSSSSS!! What in the world was in your food?! I can't believe that happened at the Cheesecake Factory! I will now not be able to eat there without examining my food first. But so glad you got a free meal out of it. Whoa, they should have at least given you Craig's for free also and free cheesecake to boot. These are the kinds of things that land on the evening news! Way to have such a positive attitude about it!!