Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crying It Out

It is hard hard hard listening to your baby cry! It sounds ridiculous now, but during my pregnancy I believed that my baby wasn't going to cry. Of course I knew that was silly, all babies cry, but when Craig would talk about his concerns that our next door neighbors would hear the crying I didn't share in them because I couldn't imagine my sweet, perfect baby annoying the neighbors with crying! I still believe my baby is sweet, and almost perfect, but boy was I wrong about the crying! We planned on waiting until Gage was 3 months until we let him cry it out when putting him down to sleep. But last night when, once again, he was crying and thrashing in my arms right before falling asleep, the usual routine, we thought if he's going to cry anyway, why not let him do it in the pack n' play. (Oh yes, he has graduated from the bassinet to the pack n' play!) Well 30 tortuous minutes went by but his cries gradually became softer with breaks in between. Finally he was asleep! He did wake up about a half hour later but we were encouraged that we were on to something! Well today I decided to let him cry it out when I laid him down for a nap. This time after 10 minutes he was out, and he slept for about 40 minutes! That's 10 minutes longer than usual! Tonight it was just me, I didn't have Craig's hand to hold while I listened to my baby cry, but thankfully once again, it lasted for about 10 minutes and he was out, and is still out - over one hour later! Hallelujah! I'm glad to know that letting him cry hasn't been as rough as I thought it would be!

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