Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So very thankful...

for these special people in my life...


Craig's parents: Arley & Diana

Craig & Holly

Sweet Will (I can't believe I didn't get a close-up of my dear nephew!!)

And of course these guys...

Eli put his hand out to touch Uncle Craig during the whole meal. He was pooped before the festivities even began!

Gage loved the company...and all the attention!

Poor Craig gets forgotten in the individual shots. But I am so thankful for my sweet, fun, loving hubby!

Without him, we wouldn't have the wonderful family that we do.

Craig was in a wedding on Saturday so we celebrated Thanksgiving with our family on Friday! It was such a nice, relaxing time. Unfortunately my dad went home on Wednesday so he missed out. After dinner the men and the babies took naps and the ladies plus Will played Spoons. We had such fun! I hope we can host again next year! I absolutely love it!

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