Friday, November 12, 2010


I don't want to ever forget some of what Gage is up to lately so I thought I'd write a Gage update.

Last night Gage handed something to Craig and we couldn't quite hear what he said when he did. Craig looked closer at what he had handed him and then we could hear him plain as day this time..."Boogie"! Oh we laughed so hard. He has never done that before, so it really caught Craig off guard.

His latest fascination is sitting on the counter. He used to say, "I see! I see!" And now it's, "Sittin! Sittin!" He is so consumed with sitting on the counter and in the window, I have started to set the timer for 2 minutes per "sittin" now.

Another fascination is being outside. He can't get enough of it. After swinging and playing in the "dirt" (sand) we usually end up with Eli in the wagon and Gage running ahead of us on the sidewalk. He does so well stopping at the end and holding my hand as we cross the street. He loves to find dirt and acorns along the way. And sometimes he pulls a chunk of grass out of someone's yard and puts in the wagon before I can stop him. I hope the neighbors aren't watching!

Gage loves "tickles". Not the make-you-giggle kind, the soothing trail-your-hand-down-your-arm or head or leg or belly kind. He will ask for "tickles" quite often, especially at bedtime. This morning Craig found him in his crib with his jammies unzipped to his belly. Must have needed some tickles!

His favorite word/thing/toy is "truck". And this is how he says it: "truckkkkkkkk" It always brings a smile.

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