Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random Thoughts...

  • Craig has trained me in the past 6 years to keep the toilet lid down on all toilets, which I have learned to absentmindedly do in all these years together...until now. Why do I not do it anymore? How could I forget to now after all these years? Craig would really like to know.
  • I would much rather be: Watching Sesame Street, Playing with my boys, or Sleeping...than unpacking right now.
  • Note to self: Watch children or take a meal to the next person I know that goes through a move with little ones!!!
  • I am so glad it doesn't take much to make my children laugh. I am sure if anyone else saw me (over the age of 3) I would be just plain weird.
  • I am BLESSED beyond measure!
I want to be out there!!

Helping Daddy

How many Mediacom guys does it take to hook up a dvr??

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