Sunday, July 4, 2010

Family Photos Take 2

I'm sorry - no photos here yet, but I have a great story and recommendation to share! Please read on...

Well, we just had to do it again...what we should have done the first time! Last week I was left with the feeling that our boys will only be these ages once and since we have such a difficult time getting family photos taken due to these ages (specifically one...) I really want a professional photographer to capture some fun, creative natural shots of our family. Well did she ever!

We had the awesome benefit of recently hearing about a wonderful photographer through a co-worker of Craig's. I was so intrigued by her style of photography....She shoots outside at various spots that she knows about in the Ames and Des Moines area, you pay a very reasonable flat fee, and then after she does some amazing editing she gives you a disc with all the photos on it for you to do with as you please. That is unheard of (at least to me!) We have had some experiences with professional photographers and have never been given the photos on a disc! That is the only reason we suffer through the fast-food/fast-photo type of experience at Portrait Innovations!

This young lady is phenomenal. She is special. She is awesome. Can you tell I am totally impressed and in love with her? Her name is Allison Froehle, her business is called Allison May Photography. Her website is :

Click here to see a sneak preview of our awesome photo shoot with her!

I really can't even do justice with my words. I had tears in my eyes looking at these photos. And even though it was a challenge, due to an 18 month old who does not want to sit still for a photo, and a 6 month old who desperately wanted a nap, she was able to capture the love and fun we have like no one else has. Thank you Allison!


Laura said...

Heidi, I went and looked at the photos and they are absolutely beautiful! What a great, creative way to capture those busy boys! It will be hard to pick which ones you want. :)

Holly said...

Oh my gosh, Heid! I just saw the photos on Allison's blog and seriously, I cannot gush enough. I really can't stop looking at them. They are gorgeous!! The black and white one of the four of you is my favorite. But I truly love them all. Never go anywhere else! She is amazing.