Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eli's First Night Downstairs

The layout of our house is not conducive to having two little ones, and it has been a frustration of mine ever since Gage was born. It's a split level, so the master bedroom is up and the two other bedrooms are down. But we have lived with it and I finally got used to Gage being so far away. I thought it would be easier the second time around, and I guess it was, but I still missed Eli being so close last night! I felt sad looking at his empty pack 'n play in our room. I have been waiting to put him in his own room until he was consistently sleeping long periods through the night. He was so close until he got sick!

Well, his first night in his own room went pretty well I'd say! We put him down at about 8:30 and like clockwork, as of late, he awoke around 12:30am. I went down and comforted him and put his pacifier back in place, which did the trick until about 20 minutes later. He cried for a little over an hour. I listened to him from a distance the whole time. I couldn't sleep, I was so stressed out for him! But by 2:30am he was sound asleep and slept until about 5:00. Craig fed him for me since I had gotten very little sleep, and he laid him back down at about 5:30. He was sleeping so well I had to wake him at 8:30! Although it was difficult letting him cry, I would say our first night of "midnight detox" was a success!


Holly said...

Hooray!! So very happy for all of you! Now where are those adorable Easter photos? I am impatiently waiting!

Meagan Fuller said...

I bet that was hard for you to put him downstairs for the first time. Our house has a set up like yours, our bedroom is upstairs and the rest are downstairs. It will be hard for me the first time we put our little one in his/her room. We are actually expecting, I am 14 wks today!