Saturday, July 25, 2009

Daddy Did It

We have had some difficult feedings for the past few days...Poor Gage will take his bottle then start crying and push it away. Sometimes. So I have been puzzled because he shows no signs of illness or discomfort otherwise. Is he overtired and just worked up in the evenings? Is he teething again? Is it his ears? So I am on a mission today to find out, starting with his bottles. I have a hunch that he is ready for a "fast-flow" nipple. I am hoping it is as easy as that!

Last night, we were dealing with a tired, crying boy who we thought was more than ready for his bottle (but would soon find out he wouldn't take it). So Craig and I worked together to quickly get his jammies on. This morning when I changed his diaper this is what I found:

I was in charge of the upper half.


Jenny said...

I must be slow... you'll have to explain this picture to me. I am not getting it and I've stared at it for a long time. Ha ha! :)

Heidi said...

Too funny! If you look at Gage's leg in the picture you can see that Craig missed a snap and the other snaps were off. I was just teaasing Craig because I thought it was funny!

Holly said...

Yeah, you gave him the tricky part! I can see Craig thinking, "Well, that's good enough."