Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Little Squealer

Our little cutie pie has turned into, our Little Squealer. And more accurately as of late, our Little "Screamer"! He is waking up in the morning half squealing, half screaming but in a very happy way. It is too cute. I love it when he wakes up happy!

Today he even woke from his morning nap that way. It's nice that even though his room is downstairs, I can clearly hear his little voice when he awakes, even without a monitor (although rarely is the monitor not right next to me if he is sleeping! :). Sometimes the squealing is from frustration. Whether he is frustrated that his animals aren't talking back, or he doesn't like what they have to say, or he needs a change of scenery, we just don't know. But at least we have gotten pretty good at telling the difference.

And now as I am writing this he is happily squealing at his hanging toys. When it is a happy squeal, what a delightful sound! :)

Can't you just hear him?!

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