Sunday, February 15, 2009


Craig and I went on our first date without Gage on Friday, Valentine's Eve! My sister took time off work to come and spend some time with Gage so Craig and I could go out. I couldn't have asked for a better babysitter! Craig took me to Aunt Maude's, where we thought we'd be able to get right in due to the wintry weather happening at the time, but everyone must have felt that way because we had a 45 minute wait! We had a nice dinner, but we couldn't help feeling anxious to get home to see Gage and go to sleep - we were exhausted!

The next night, on Valentine's, I would say was the better date... We went to church where we put Gage in the nursery for the first time. I have to admit I had a few tears! Of course Craig thought I was silly, and I did too, but other moms understood! 8-) After the service it was a lot of fun showing Gage off to many people who hadn't seen him yet. We decided to go to Hickory Park for cheeseballs and ice cream but the lobby was so crowded we couldn't even get to the host stand very easily. So we thought we'd spend some time at Border's and go back when it would be less of a wait. At Border's we bought an iced tea and sat in some comfy chairs where Craig fed Gage and I asked Craig "Date Questions" from a book that was nearby. Gage was so good - even flirting with the ladies - and I found some things out about Craig that I never knew before! It was so much fun! Then we went to Hickory Park and had our cheeseballs and ice cream, along with great conversation, and Gage slept the whole time. We love that we can have a fun date with Gage along! (I wonder how long that will last...) When we got home I was undoing Gage from his car seat and when I opened his car seat cover there was a card from my sweetheart! I thought that was pretty sneaky and clever! (My card for him was still in my dresser drawer, so he beat me in the romantic department this time!) I love something he said in my Valentine..."It all started with just you and me..."

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Holly said...

Oh my gosh!! Is that an awesome picture or what?! Please, please email it to me with the others!! So tickled to hear you had another date the very next night! Hate to tell you, this bliss of taking your sweet baby along will not last for long-- so enjoy it now!
Love you guys.