Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Month Gone By...

"Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him." Psalm 127:3

My baby is already a month old - 5 weeks actually! How time flies! It is amazing how days spent mostly feeding, burping, holding and napping can go by so quickly. I had always heard new mothers talk about not having much time for anything else with a new baby at home and I just couldn't believe it! Don't newborns sleep a lot?! Well I have learned that it is so true: there is little time for anything but caring for your baby! These are some of our events from the past month:

I was an emotional wreck for the first week! As much as you are warned to prepare for exhaustion and hormones-gone-wild, there is no preparing for exhaustion and hormones-gone-wild!! You just have to find out for yourself as you live it out. At one point I told Craig, "I promise I will get through a day without crying soon!" And thankfully I did.

Figuring out Gage's most comfortable sleeping position has been a full time job! And we are still working at it! He started out only sleeping in his car seat for the first few weeks. We propped it up in his bassinet and tucked him in all swaddled and cozy. We continued to try to put him in the bassinet, swaddled and in between two "sleep positioner wedges", and found that he liked to sleep on his side like that. About two weeks ago we were thrilled to realize we had "broken" him of the car seat and he was in the bassinet completely, sleeping 3-4 hour intervals! Now we are working on his naps... So far he is a cat-napper who will not sleep in his bassinet during the day!

Gage loves to be held! As most babies do. But I have found that Gage really loves to be held! He will last for about 10-15 minutes at a time (if that) in the bouncy seat, swing, car seat, boppy pillow, etc. until he gets fussy. Besides our arms, it does seem as if the ottoman, where he can move and kick to his heart's content, is his favorite stationary place where he can last the longest! Don't get me wrong, I love holding my baby, but I do have to use the restroom and do some laundry now and then! 8-) (So we bought a Baby Bjorn last weekend and I am hoping it works...)

We have gotten out and about quite a bit! I am so happy that the weather has been cooperative and has allowed us to get out of the house. Gage and I have visited friends, gone shopping, walked at the mall, run errands, been to ISU basketball games and visited Daddy at work in the past month! Gage is such a good little shopper - as long as he's not hungry he sleeps the whole time! (We have had to take a bottle break in Wal-Mart twice now, so maybe that means Mommy spends a little too long there.?!)

That about sums it up! Overall it has been difficult but wonderful! I can't believe it's possible, but I find myself loving Gage more everyday! I feel so privileged to be able to stay at home with him and watch him grow and change daily. He is truly our reward from God!


Partyhouse 4 God said...

Did you quit your welcome business? or just a break?? If you need a sitter- Pres needs a playmate.

Dvorak Family said...

He sounds just like Natalie. She loved being held. I probably used the bouncy seat and swing for a total of 2 hours her whole life. Unfortunately, she is still a catnapper and never grew out of it even at 15 months! I actually held her for naps for most of her first year just to get her to sleep longer than a half an hour. Glad to hear things are going so good. We still need to come and meet him!!! If you are ever in Ankeny and want a break to go shopping, drop him off - at least for another 4 weeks until I have two here

Laura said...

The days are long but the months and years go fast, don't they? Gage is beautiful. So fun how they have their own little personalities right from the start! I love the "Aqua Poppy Design" and I used one of hers for the background on our blog. Too fun! :) Keep up the good work, Mama!

Hollie said...

Oh your description of Gage not liking to be in one place for more then a few minutes sounds so much like Gabe! He too was a cat napper, we worked on that and he did get much better but it was frustrating at the time:) Hang in there, it does get easier:) Enjoy him while he is little and snuggly they grow up so quickly.