Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Aunt Holly and Cousin Will

When my nephew, Will, was born I truly felt that I came as close as I could to feeling the love for a child that a new parent feels. Now my sister is able to experience the love of an aunt for a nephew, and I know she has a lot of it! We were blessed to have a visit from Aunt Holly and Cousin Will on Saturday. (Unfortunately Uncle Craig couldn't come and we missed him.) Gage was loved on a lot! Aunt Holly had such a calming affect on Gage. He was so content in her arms. Will was excited to be able to hold Gage for the first time (and not have to just see him through a window!). If Gage got a little fussy Will would say, "Cousin, it's okay Cousin, don't cry..." When asked what he's looking forward to teach his little cousin he said, "To crawl."

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Jenny said...

Aw, he looks so excited to hold his baby cousin. So precious! By the way Heidi, you're doing a great job keeping up on your blog. I know you said a while back you didn't know if you would. :) I love reading it! :)