Thursday, November 13, 2008

Baby Shower #2!

I had my second baby shower on Saturday, November 8th. My good friend Danielle hosted, with help from other connection group gals and my dear friend Kate. It was so fun to celebrate with lots of good friends, including my mom and sister! Once again I was spoiled with many wonderful gifts for Baby E! We played a fun memory/matching game having to do with candy bars...who wouldn't love that?! There was a lot of laughing and good conversation. Most of the pictures were taken with other cameras, but I have a few to post:

Sarah, me, Kate: 3 pregnant friends all due within a month of each other!


Jenny said...

Looks like fun and YOU look great!!

Holly said...

Okay, cutie little pregnant sister, no one is whistlin' dixie when they say you look AWESOME!! Because you so do! Who looks that great when they're pregnant?! Not many people I know!
By the way, Mom is totally going to hate that picture!! Wow, my profile doesn't look too bad. Nice to be able to see that I really have lost some weight! Love you so. Can't wait to see you in a few days.

Martie said...

The shower was such fun and you looked great! You always look great! It was such fun meeting your many nice friends and your terrific mom and sis! Safe travels this week!

Mom said...

Hih Heid. The shower was lots of fun! Can't wait to meet my little grandchild!