Sunday, November 30, 2008

Almost There!

It seems like time couldn't have passed any slower through last spring and summer. I wasn't showing, everyone commented on how "small" I was for the stage of pregnancy I was in, I was very nauseous and tired, and we were in the process of moving! I can't say I really enjoyed being pregnant! Eventually the nausea subsided, I started looking pregnant and we got settled into our new home. More and more I have loved being pregnant! I keep saying that I need to take advantage of all the pampering while it lasts! Massages from my husband, everyone offering to carry things for me and bending over for me, you can't beat that! And I love that no one thinks twice about my second helpings of food! 8-) Time is now flying and the end is drawing near. What a wonderful, and scary, thing! Everyone asks how I am feeling and truly I mostly feel good, besides not being able to breathe, walk, or sleep normally...but feeling my baby move and kick and hiccup inside me is a feeling I cherish and don't take for granted. I am so blessed to be able to experience it all!

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Holly said...

I will say it again......who looks this awesome when they're pregnant?! You look amazing!!!! Glowing and beautiful and truly fantastic! So love the pic of you and Craig together! Who took that?!