Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Big Month - Part 2: Eli's Broken Wrist

Well to add to the drama of February...a particularly cute, and feisty, little two year old decided to dive head first out of his crib one afternoon. As I had mentioned previously, we took away Eli's paci earlier in the month and we have been paying for it ever since! He has not wanted to go to bed and has been desperate to get out. I didn't realize just how desperate until that dreadful afternoon he took a nose dive.

Although he was crying and mad at naptime, I hugged him and walked away, and even before I got to the door I heard a big thump. Of course I knew exactly what happened before I turned around. He was laying flat on his back, probably more stunned than I was. I checked him all over and he seemed fine. He did say his arm hurt, but I laid him down again and he fell asleep fairly soon. In hindsight I feel so dumb that I didn't just bring him back downstairs to monitor him more closely over a period of time, but it's that ingrained don't-give-into-a-sleep-resistant-child mentality that kept me from doing it. Later that night it was more obvious to me that something was wrong. So I took Gage to the neighbor's house to play (which he couldn't have been more delighted about!) and drove Eli to the nearby Urgent Care. Wouldn't you know it, while there, Eli seemed perfectly fine. He wasn't fussy and grumpy and asking me to kiss his hand anymore. The doctor thought it was probably just a sprained wrist, since there were no obvious signs of bruising or swelling. I had to agree, so we left, untreated.

Over the next few days we were noticing that Eli was holding his left arm close to his body and wasn't using it at all. He would wince and cry out when I dressed him or put his coat on. By Friday I felt pretty sure that it was more than just a sprained wrist. So back to the urgent Care we went and I asked for x-rays. Sure enough, a buckle fracture to his left distal radius. Immediately I felt like the worst mother in the world! How could I have not insisted on x-rays the first time?? How did it take me 3 days to bring him back?? Every single memory of his sad little face, holding up his hand for me to kiss, was like a dagger to my chest.

We left with a splint, to be casted in a doctor's office a few days later after the weekend. Dr. Kotis, the orthopedic surgeon, said that Eli was his best patient ever...even including all the adults! Yes, my outgoing little spit-fire sure knows how to charm people! :) He did amazing, and is still doing amazing. I am so proud of him! Only two more weeks now to put up with the ever growing dirty and smelly little cast!

And you know what, I think the cast has distracted him from missing his beloved paci. His sleep is getting back to normal - hallelujah!

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Finding Joy said...

Any time a child gets hurt, we question ourselves...but I wouldn't have done anything differently from what you did! Sounds like Eli is one tough little cookie! And unfortunately (and I speak from experience!) with 2 boys this won't be the last time they get hurt when you're standing 3 steps away from them. :)

We have gone through the pacifier drama twice here too. It's so hard. You're doing better than me...Tate is over 3 and STILL gets a paci at bedtime because I'm just too weak (and tired) to take it away from him. The dentist (thankfully) is very sympathetic and says "you've gotta do what you've gotta do." :) I know I'm going to have to toughen up here soon and get rid of it. So...well done to you!!