Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fun Times in Chi-Town

I keep telling people we meet how much we love it here! Mostly because of so many options of great things to do and places to eat! One of my favorite finds so far is a place called Nibbles Play Cafe. It's a place where you can order food and/or coffee and the little ones can play! They often have theme parties there like a Thomas Party:
The Conductor came and sang songs and did games with the kids. Gage was a little reluctant to join in at first. It wasn't long until he got right up there too!He even waited in line with Daddy for his turn at the game. Getting a prize was a good incentive! Eli wasn't interested in the games and songs this time, but he sure loved the cupcake decorating party we went to the next week! Gage didn't mind it either! We found a fun hot dog joint called Portillos! We've been there twice already! Wow, that is a big drink for a little guy...
And finally, here is Gage getting his first Chicago haircut...in style!
Oh yeah, things are over the top here in Chicago Land! Can you see why we love it??