Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Eli...2 Months Old

(Someday I know you will like the Bear Chair!)

Dear Eli,

You are two months old! You have spent most of your life so far snuggled in our arms inside our little house. It has been a very harsh winter so we have stayed home where it is safe and warm. You have had such a hard time with gas pains and fussiness these past two months so we have held you close.

After your two month check up yesterday we found out:
- you weigh 14 lbs and are 24 in. long!
- you are growing as healthy as can be!
- you may do better with a different formula...

So we are in the midst of trying some things to help you feel better. So far it seems to be making a difference so we will continue to hope and pray for the best!

My favorite time with you is in the afternoon while Gage is taking his nap and you and I take one together on the couch. I love snuggling you close and kissing the top of your head. We both rest so much better together than apart.

It is a mystery to us, but something about the floor lamp in the living room really makes you smile! Usually, while I am burping you after a feeding, you look at the lamp, whether the light is on or not, and start smiling and cooing at it. It had the same effect on your big brother too. I wish you could tell us about it.

You are such a beautiful boy! I love gazing at you while you sleep. I also love smiling at you when you are awake, and you are starting to smile back at me! I even heard a little laugh this morning. It brings such joy to my heart to know that you are happy. I can't wait until you feel so much better too!

Our prayer for you , sweet Eli, is that you would grow healthy and strong, and soon grow out of your tummy troubles. We pray that you will enjoy your big brother someday and your differences will make you the best of friends. You are such a good addition to our family, we are so thankful you are here.

I will always be loving you with all my heart,

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